Life is Full of Doors

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Life is full of doors.

There are tight doors that we can barely squeeze through. Some doorways don’t have an actual door and we can just breeze in and out as we like. Think of the doors that are so pretty that we like to admire them and take our time before entering. Other doors are so ugly and worn that we hate to see what’s on the other side. Many doors have warning signs to only open “in case of emergency”. There are doors that push open easily and doors that we struggle to move. What about the doors that we can’t budge or the ones that slam shut behind us? So are the doorways, or choices, of our lives…

Am I Open?

I had a pastor once who used to talk almost every Sunday about doors that God had opened to him the past week: doors to minister, doors to witness, doors to pray, doors to love. He was always looking for the open door, whether he was in the grocery store line, pumping gas, taking a walk…whatever it was, he kept an open heart for any opportunity God put before him to touch a life. That stuck with me.

Today I wonder, do I keep my heart open to opportunities to show His love, or do I let them slip by? Was I the ONE chance someone had to be loved that day and I missed it because I was too busy?

Do you have a story you can share about a time God opened a door for you and walked through? I would love to hear about it!

Motherhood, Cuddles and the Three P’s

i am mom

I am the mom of a 20 year old and a 16 year old.

I’ve been known to walk down my hallway, looking at pictures of my little boys, while tearing up at the innocent little faces staring back at me. My mind goes back to all of the snuggles and cuddles…the years when I was their everything.

*Sigh* Oh, how I wish those days were still here.

Or. Do. I.

As I mentioned before, about six weeks ago my husband came home with a puppy. So. I am a mommy again, so-to-speak. And now things are coming back to me from years gone by.

You see, Echo comes to get me at 3:30 most mornings to potty. Did you get that? He comes to me. Always. He comes to my side of the bed, whimpers, and I dutifully get up and take him out. Then around 5:00 a.m. we do the same thing. It seems I remember my boys doing the this as well. They never came into the bedroom, walked to their dad’s side of the bed and told him what they needed. No. They came to me. Always.

Ah…it’s all coming back to me now. Motherhood…

Two nights in a row, the puppy threw up. Beside me. Me.  Oh yes, I remember the nights of cleaning up puke at 1:00 a.m. while my husband slept. Hmmm… Motherhood.

The other morning before daylight, Echo just needed someone. So, he got me. I shuffled into the living room trying not to open my eyes too widely so I could go back to sleep. I curled up on the couch. He jumped up beside me, placed his nose on my cheek and fell asleep with his puppy breath in my face.

How many nights was I called out of my sleep by, “Mommy?” coming from the other room? I would make my way, bleary-eyed, into the room and lay down beside my baby…as his sweet-stinky breath filtered into my nose.

Yah. It’s all coming back to me. I miss their cuddles. I miss their snuggles. I miss being their Wonder Woman. But, I have to say, I don’t miss the late nights…the three P’s (puke, pee and poop). I am ready to enjoy the new phase of life we are headed into…adulthood.

I love the men my boys are becoming.

I’ll wait for the sweet cuddles and snuggles of grand-sweeties…(It will be years, but I will wait). I’ll let their parents deal with the three P’s in the middle of the night. Bwahahaha.

In the meantime, it looks like Echo will keep me in practice.

Remember to enjoy every phase of your life. Each one comes with so many blessings. Make wonderful memories…they are treasures.



It’s been a while since I have blogged. Yesterday a thought struck me and it has managed to stay with me (I don’t always retain my thoughts!), so I thought I’d share.

It started with a saying. We’ve all heard it. The best things in life are free. Is that true? Hmm.

Three weeks ago, my NON-dog loving (all caps were used on purpose here) husband came home from work with a puppy. At first I thought it was a joke. Then I thought maybe I was dreaming. Next I moved to shock. Finally, I realized he was completely serious. A little puppy had found my husband’s heart. He was a stray and somehow, with those almost-black-eyes and little white-heart-shaped-fur-spot on his head, had melted away a piece of him.


We did all the checking to make sure no one was missing him, and then…we adopted him.

Free. (well, minus the vet bills, food, toys, etc  )

I’ve watched this little guy over the last three weeks. He’s taught me a few things about life.

We, of course, got him some treats and healthy food. But you know what his FAVORITE foods are? The “droppings” he finds on the kitchen floor.


We bought him special toys…all kinds of toys that promised to keep him entertained. Do you know what his FAVORITE toys are? The squirrel bones he found in the back yard. The box that delivered his toys. A piece of fuzz. A piece of paper. A cricket.


We made him a couple of beds…snugly…soft…warm. Do you know where he WANTS to be? Right beside us…as close as possible. (love!)

The best things in life are free. Are they? Consider:

The scent of a baby

A majestic sunrise

The fragrance of the ocean

The sound of rain

A hug

A smile

A shoulder to lean on

A child’s laughter

Holding hands with someone you love

A stroll in the park

The fragrance of flowers in the spring

A collage of autumn leaves


The beauty of a fresh fallen snow



God’s love
Jesus’ forgiveness


Enjoy the free things in your life today! They are the best things! Truly.



The whale.

Brings back memories of Sunday school. But, I have been studying the book this week and I was struck by this verse. It takes place after Jonah repented and went to Nineveh where the people repented and turned to God.

Jonah 4:1-2 AMP But it displeased Jonah exceedingly and he was very angry. And he prayed to the Lord and said, I pray You, O Lord, is not this just what I said when I was still in my country? That is why I fled to Tarshish, for I knew that You are a gracious God and merciful, slow to anger and of great kindness, and [when sinners turn to You and meet Your conditions] You revoke the [sentence of] evil against them.

Do you get what Jonah is saying here? He didn’t want to preach repentance to Nineveh because he knew if the people heeded his warnings, God would forgive them. In other words, he didn’t want God to show his grace on these evil people.

It makes me think, are there people in my life that I would rather God punish than forgive? Are there people in my life that I am unwilling to forgive? Are there people we are unwilling to pray for because we are afraid of what God might actually do for them?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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