A Few Thoughts on Thanksgiving Day (short and sweet)

1 Chronicles 16:8 KJV  Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people. 


So much to think about today, yes? 

First, let’s remember why we, in the United States, celebrate Thanksgiving. Reflect on the sacrifices the pilgrims made by coming to this land, seeking freedom. 

We need to also look back over the last year and remember God’s grace that was bestowed on us. This was likely both my most difficult year and my most blessed year. It has been an amazing journey. What has God done for you this year?

Finally, (but most importantly) let’s remember what we should be most thankful for as Christians. The gift of eternal life through Jesus, God’s son. Regardless of what we are dealing with, what has been thrown at us, what is coming against us: We have a HOPE in Jesus.

I pray that you will all have a blessed day. 

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