Tangled Twisted and Forgetful



It occurred to me yesterday that my life (maybe yours also) is an awful lot like my ear buds.

I love to listen to music while I work. Now that it’s Christmas, I am especially happy because I can hear Nat, Bing, Michael, and Frank mixed in with a little Mariah and Whitney. Often though, I have to take my ear buds out to go fetch a copy or answer my phone. So, I’m constantly pulling one out of my ear and then a few minutes later putting it back in. I usually only have one in at a time so that I can hear my co-workers or my manager if they need me. 

Yesterday I was getting ready to put my music in, but the left and right cords were so tangled I had to stop and try to straighten them out. They were a mess. I realized that I do this several times a day. I start out with them all nice and neat. The next thing I know, they are completely tangled and twisted together.

The other thing I do is forget about my ear buds altogether. I will have taken my ear bud out to answer the phone or answer a question. Before I know it, I have been hard at work for an hour with my ear buds laying in my lap, playing away, to the air.

My life is like that. I have this beautiful thing in my life: My relationship with the Lord. I love spending time with Him, hearing His voice, feeling His presence. And then life interrupts. I set the relationship aside for my family, my job, finances, worry, stress, whatever it may be. Then I try to pick the relationship back up and enjoy Him again. Soon, I find I have placed Him aside for something else that has come up. And so the cycle goes. I become tangled and twisted in a habit of picking Him up, laying Him down, picking Him up, laying Him down: it’s hard to have a strong, clear relationship when you don’t take the time to stay put and concentrate on it.

There are also the times that I seem to get involved in something: a project, my own interests , the boys’ activities…suddenly I realize that God is still there, He is still talking to me, but I haven’t heard Him because I’ve been too busy. I’ve “laid Him down” and never gone back.

The GREAT thing about God is, He doesn’t run on a battery; He doesn’t need to be charged. He has always been there, is there and will always be there for me…and for you.

So, I think I will try to untangle my life a bit. I think it’s time to relax with the Lord, listen to Him and enjoy His voice. If I’ll just stay tuned in, the other things will become less important as He becomes more important. 

Now…where are those ear buds…


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