I Have a Virus: MYUM Virus

Tuesday I had this little annoying tickle in my throat. I had a small cough, you know, the kind of cough that says, “I’m not sure if I’m serious about this or not”. By Tuesday evening the cough was becoming a bit aggressive and I was getting mad because I knew what it was telling me: I was getting sick.

I don’t have time to be sick.

By Wednesday morning I was a bit dizzy. (Those of you that know me can quit thinking that is normal). I felt a little fuzzy-headed, but thought, Eh, I can keep this from taking hold. However, at lunch, as I sat with my friends, I realized that they were talking but I wasn’t hearing. I felt like my head was in an astronaut’s helmet. My skin had become so sensitive that my shirt touching my back was literally painful. The back of my head felt like I’d been hit with a baseball bat.

No more avoiding it. I am sick. Since it came on in phases, I’m assuming it’s a cold. Why they call it a “cold”, I’ll never know. It should be called the Makes You Ugly and Miserable Virus (MYUM Virus for short).

Last night my husband would speak to me. It took several seconds for me to realize he had spoken, I would slowly turn my head toward him and grunt, “huh”? And, ugly I was/am. I always think of Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail when she got sick and Tom Hanks showed up at her door. She had tissues everywhere, talked through her nose, and looked just awful. That’s where I am…the pitiful stage.

Besides this cold, I’ve had an extremely stressful week. SO many things are going wrong. But through it all, I’ve managed to keep a good attitude. And, then one person innocently, very gently, scolded me…and what did I do? I started CRYING. I was crying over the tiny little thing that happened. Not the big ugly things!

How is it possible to have goose bumps and sweat at the same time?

And, I know that the only way I got this was by someone “sharing” it. That thought alone is gross. It means I breathed in someone’s sneeze germs, or they coughed on their hand and left their cough spit on a handle that I then touched…Likely I got it at Wal-Mart. I’m convinced that is the germ capital of every town.

I wish I could write something profound today. But, all I have is: I am sick. Are you sick today? You know misery loves company. Let me know if you are sick as well. We can share cyber hugs.

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4 thoughts on “I Have a Virus: MYUM Virus

  1. I can relate, I’m a bit of a germaphob…..I walk into any public space and feel the germs and the dirt all around. Hugs and prayers as you get better.


  2. I hate a cold worse than anything.


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