Do Not be Frightened…

Joshua 1:9 (ESV)

9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”


When we were little, we had fears. We were afraid of “monsters” under the bed. We were afraid of storms and spiders (I’m still afraid of both of those). Maybe we were afraid of clowns or firecrackers.

As we grew, our fears changed. We were afraid of not being accepted. We were afraid of not fitting in. Perhaps we were afraid of disappointing our parents. We might have been afraid of the future and who we should “be”.

Fears then grew into worries over relationships at work, at home…we feared for the safety of our children. We worried over over finances, job security, the economy…

There are fears over health situations, family strife, politics…

No matter the stage of life we are in, there will be “monsters” staring us in the face, taunting us. They will push us toward fear and anxiety. But, we must stand strong on the promises of our Father, “…Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

God ALWAYS follows through on His promises. Put your trust in Him. God is with you today…EVERYDAY…

Make it a great day!

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5 thoughts on “Do Not be Frightened…

  1. I needed this word today. That scripture is so key right now. I know what I need to do and where God wants me to go but fear has held me back. I know what I must do. God bless you Lisa.


    • Fear is such a powerful tool that the enemy uses…and he knows exactly which fears to use against each individual. The thing we must remember is that fear NEVER comes from the Lord. If God is telling you to do something, and you know it’s from Him, take that step of faith. God is so good. He has great things in store for you. But, you must be willing to follow.


  2. What I’ve been learning of late is how much of “me” I place into situations or people and then end up being “dismayed” or frustrated. I’m learning that the more I lean on God and pray for His will, that I end up being less dismayed or frustrated because I don’t have myself vested in what might not be his will. I try to not have much of an “agenda” beyond today. Does that make sense? On a slightly different note, the one thing that frightens me more and more is what is going on in the world and those are things we cannot control at all. I keep thinking about that and how I have to place more and more trust in God for my life or if times get really bad I will end up falling apart. Very good word for me today. Thank you Lisa! As always a very good post. Love ya girl!


    • You and I have had several discussions regarding this. Our personalities (yours and mine) lean toward introspection. We tend to measure things in how our lives will be touched by them. But, you are right. The more we focus on God, the less we focus on ourselves. That is what He wants for us, yes? More of Him, less of us. Regarding the world and the mess it’s in: It does seem to be spiraling out of control. We must remember that God is the Creator. He is the Beginning and the End. He is in Control and in Charge. When fear overcomes, stop. Thank Him that He is in Control and that He has you in His hands. As you thank and praise Him, a peace will come over you.Hugs my friend! Lisa


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