Parenting Heaven

We took a little four-day mini-vacation this week-end. Our son had a baseball tournament out-of-town and we went along for “support”. Usually we stay in the same motel as the team, but by the time we made our reservations, they were booked. So, we got a room at a hotel about five minutes away.

As we drove to the hotel, I looked at my husband and said, “Is this the first time we have been alone in a motel for…for…for twenty years?!” He looked at me, shaking his head, “yes”. Wow. We sat in silence thinking about the milestone we were about to celebrate.

We walked into the hotel, got our card keys and headed up the elevator in silence. As we walked down the hall, we felt a reverence regarding the moment that was about to take place. Sliding the key in, I held my breath. The door opened and there it was, a King Sized Bed.

We smiled.

Quickly we  laid our luggage down, changed our clothes, slid into bed and…and..and…we took a TWO HOUR NAP!

It was heavenly. HEAVENLY.

We did that the next day as well.


Finally I get it.

When your children grow up, you get to sleep again. Alone. For hours.

It’s a beautiful thing. Beautiful. .

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13 thoughts on “Parenting Heaven

  1. katebortell

    Amen to sleeping again!!! ❤❤


  2. Sleep really is a beautiful thing, as is resting by the side of the one who has been through the hectic with you.

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  3. Aww! So glad you had that opportunity! 🙂

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  4. Hey Lisa.
    As a single, I read this and come to the conclusion that in marrige, your life is REALLY not your own!!!
    I am not trying to say anything but instead just making a observation!

    Glad you guys got to sleep…………zzzzzz



    • Well. Biblically, two shall become one. So, really, your life is not your own when you are married. Of course, as a Christian, my life is not my own either….and then being a parent, well, my children’s needs come over my own. That being said, I would not change ONE THING. Not one. 🙂


      • wow….


      • Do you agree or disagree?


      • I agree with you totally….It is just dawning on me how serious marriage and parenting are. The question I find myself asking is, Am I willing to sacrifice want I want for the needs of my family? Am I willing to put their needs first and am I willing to live a life that puts my family first?
        Marriage and parenting were never explained to me like that. No one ever told me I would have to die to self. No one told me the kind of responsibility I would have to accept. Thank you for shedding light on that. I think it’s so important that people get to understand what marriage and family are about….


      • Marriage is certainly something to pray about. It’s a vow…a forever contract….Not a “we’ll see” endeavor. Well. My post was meant to be silly. But, I’m thankful it sparked something for you. BTW. I’m still ME….I still have a life…My writing, My friends…


      • Thanks for the insight! That really makes sense….


  5. Wait till you have an empty nest….ahhhhhhh! This last year has been marvelous for my husband and I!


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