Baby Pigs


Recently I took a trip to Florida to visit with my family. I stayed at my cousins’ farm. I was so excited because they had baby pigs and I couldn’t wait to hold one.

Their farm is so pretty. I’m a little jealous, actually.

Two days after I arrived, we finally got a chance to go visit the pigs. Unfortunately, it hadn’t been long before that some babies had been removed from another momma (I am obviously not using technical terms here). Therefore, this particular momma was very nervous about anything taking place around her pen. Occasionally, one of the little ones would wander off by itself. My cousin’s son would slowly walk up to it when a sibling would come by his side and make a distraction.



Momma would become agitated and walk toward my cousin, nudging at him with a warning of, “You better back off.” (She must have remembered that he was the one that took the last group of babies.) Considering her size, he decided it was better to just leave the little babies alone. I was disappointed. But, I also admired her for protecting her babies. After all, I would have done the exact same thing!

Soon she either decided she was tired, or bored, or maybe she just knew it was “time”, and laid down. The little ones would run over to her making their cute little noises, climbing over each other trying to to get close to their momma.


It’s all so precious. The cycle of life: it’s beautiful and it’s painful. New life is so exciting and wonderful. Saying good-bye is always difficult and the memories linger and sting for quite some time. And, yet, it is all very natural. We see it throughout creation.

I’m thankful that no matter where I am in my life, I have family and friends who will stand beside me and guide me…And, I am thankful for a Heavenly Father who never leaves me.




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