They Call Him, “Dad”


My husband, father to my boys.

This man put up with my mood swings and temperature swings while I was pregnant. He was with me through both deliveries, right by my side. When the boys were born, he held them both with pride.

During their baby years, he worked two and three jobs so I could work part-time. He would get up at three in the morning to go work job number one, making it to job number two by seven. He would then work until three in the afternoon, come home, and I would leave for work. Once I left, he would bottle feed the youngest and love on them until I got home. Isn’t that incredible?

He was always good with a hug, a smile, a tickle; the boys loved their daddy. He took them mudding in the jeep, for bike rides, taught them to hunt and to fish.

As they grew, he used much of his vacation time to make their baseball games. He has helped with homework, counseled through girlfriends, been their coach, their friend, their counselor, and their biggest fan…

Happy Father’s Day to the Father of my boys, the man who is teaching them to be men. 

Genesis 18:19(TLB)

19 And I have picked him out to have godly descendants and a godly household—men who are just and good—so that I can do for him all I have promised.”

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4 thoughts on “They Call Him, “Dad”

  1. Awww! He sounds like quite a guy! 🙂 You and your boys are both very blessed to have him in your lives. God has richly blessed you. ❤


  2. garrettfam5

    A very nice tribute. Godly men are a gift from God.


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