We Eat Cold Food


I bet some of you are new moms, right? Then, there are some of you who have young children, or perhaps you are like me, and have older teens or young adults at home. Maybe your children have moved out. Perhaps you now have a grandchild living with you. Regardless, we all have a common bond.

We eat cold food.


Someone asked me once if I needed to reheat my food because it had gotten cold while I took care of something. My reply? “Nah. That’s okay. I’m used to cold food. I’m a mom.”

Can you relate? I know you can. The children always take priority. They decide they need to nurse or need their bottle just as you sit to eat. Or, they decide dinner time is potty time. Maybe a homework emergency or clothing emergency takes place at the same time your plate hits the table.

Hey, who needs warm food anyway? It’s over-rated. I mean, you have to blow on it which takes extra effort. And, you know, eating alone at the table because everyone else is done and off to next thing—well, it’s peaceful, right?

Or lonely. Yah. It can be lonely. It’s frustrating. Who am I kidding? I would love to have a warm, even hot, meal. I’d love to relax while I eat and enjoy a laugh or two.

When we are young we fantasize about getting married and having a baby. We dream about the love affair we will have with our children. I remember visualizing making cookies together and singing songs together. What did I get? Cold food.

Children are a blessing. But, they are hard work. We have to pour ourselves into them. They may show us gratefulness. But, then again, they may just spit up on us. Our job is difficult. Our job is endless. Our job is often thankless. Our job is–the greatest job on the planet.

So, enjoy those cold mashed potatoes. They mean you area a Mommy.

Psalm 127:3 Version (NIV) Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.

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13 thoughts on “We Eat Cold Food

  1. Owen Carr

    Hi, Lisa: I enjoyed the one about cold food. Your Grandma told me I had never had a warm meal in my life . . . because I eat so slowly. Not long after we moved to Springfield in 1998 we were all eating at Mexican Villa South. Garrett would have been a pretty small guy, but old enough to “think for himself.” I had ordered a pretty good sized meal, and was just about finished. Everyone else had finished, and were waiting for me. I said something like, “Well, that was good. I think I will order another one just like it.” Garrett said, “There goes the other half of my life.” We all cracked up. AND . . . I didn’t order another one. 🙂 Keep writing. I enjoy what you have to say.


  2. I can totally relate!! People will say, “Wow you look good for having four kids in five years” and I’ll always reply, its because I can never sit down to eat!! LOL Cold food and interrupted movies!! We just went to the theater to watch a movie – FOUR TIMES to the bathroom!!!!!!! Seriously – not kidding FOUR TIMES!!!!!! By the time I sat down the candy was gone, popcorn was cold and down to the little crumbs at the bottom. They all went before we went in and why they didn’t just go for the bathroom run at once? I have no idea!! To cold food and random scenes of movies in which I will never know what happens. LOL Happy New Year!!


    • Your first response should be, “I just look good!” LOL…I’m amazed you attempt the movies.Good for you! Although, I think moms should get in free…after all, we don’t actually WATCH the movie…
      Happy New Year!

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      • Well, the truth is I don’t look that good- I’m all jiggly and flabby. I have a gym membership which no one uses 😦
        But New Year means New Tighter Leaner and better me!! LOL So happy to have found your site!!


      • Girl. Jiggly and Flabby are your battle scars. I’m learning that these bumps and lumps on my thighs and rolls on my tummy…they are the result of the two beautiful boys I have…oh, let us not forget the “leakage” I have when I laugh or sneeze or run…

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      • YES!!! Whenever I am laughing I always yell out – I’m gonna pee my pants!!! They think I’m just kidding, but its not joke!! LOL What is happening to me? Oh the joys of motherhood!!


      • Never. Ever. Get on a trampoline. Just saying.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Girl, you need to get those men in your life taking you out for dinner. You are the PRINCESS of the house. Even Echo is a boy. Start training them to pamper you! Besides, we’ll have a nice hot meal in NYC in April. 😉 At least you’ll get one meal this year without it being cold. lol ❤

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  4. Love👌❤️


  5. Debbie curto

    love this!


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