My Addiction


In high school my favorite date was dinner out.

When I got married, my favorite date was a meal out.

I was that girl that didn’t gain weight. I wasn’t too skinny. I’m very petite (that is the polite way of saying I’m short). I had been a gymnast, and despite not exercising, I held on to my muscle tone nicely. I didn’t worry about having a late night snack or a cheeseburger for lunch. Someone brought donuts to work? No problem, they didn’t accumulate on my hips.

Even though weight issues plague both sides of my family, I just knew that I had dodged that bullet and I got the lucky genes…until I hit the “m” word. Middle Age. Suddenly, every crumb I put in my mouth caused a new cellulite dimple on my thigh. I still thought that it was temporary for some reason…that it would just be a few pounds.

In one year I gained 15 pounds. Reality hit. I have entered a new phase of life and I can’t wish it away. The days of cutting one dessert a day out and losing five pounds are gone.

Some of you know that two years ago I went through a desert. A valley. A black hole. I had a break down. My world shut down around me. It was the most difficult time of my life and, frankly, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. But, during that time, I submitted my entire life to God. I realized I couldn’t fix any part of “me”. Eventually, I got well and came out of it stronger in my faith, closer to my family, and blessed with wonderful friends.

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4 thoughts on “My Addiction

  1. Lisa, I love this post – you’ve beautifully driven us to the heart of the matter, AND provided the solution to a problem so many of us share ❤

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  2. Owen Carr

    Hi, Baby! For MANY years I weighed 143. It was a good weight for me. In the months leading up to Grandma’s passing, I got down to 133. After Grandma passed away, I went to Fort Myers, and PUT ON WEIGHT. I got up to 150 pounds. The most I ever weighed in my life was 158 . . . and I was FAT. Sooooo . . . I have been trying to get back down to 143 . . . or even 145. It was 149 this morning, and I can’t figure it out, because I have really cut down in “in take.” I shall be praying for you. I never thought “taking off weight” would be a problem for me . . . BUT . . . .


  3. Owen Carr

    Grandpa again . . . by the way . . . WHERE DID YOU GET THAT PICTURE OF ALL THOSE GOODIES? 🙂


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