Today I’m feeling worried. Many times I can push my worries aside, locking them in a separate chamber of my mind, knowing that worry accomplishes nothing. But, today I found myself worrying as I got ready for work. I worried in the car on my way to work. Now, I sit here (off the clock 🙂 ) worrying. I’ve stopped several times to pray, knowing that God needs to be my source of strength, not worry.

I used to live on worry. Literally. Worry was my life. But, you know what? All it brought me was sickness and despair.

I wrote a prayer in my journal and something told me that maybe someone else needed to pray along with me today. Maybe it is you. If so, this is God’s gift for you today. 🙂


Help me to lay my worries at Your feet. I pray that You will cover every fear and anxiety that I have. You are in control, not my worry. Just like the weather outside, my mind feels cold as the winds of concerns twirl about. I’m so thankful that You are in charge. Nothing takes You by surprise. You know the problems and You have the answers. I don’t have to to figure everything out.

I pray for Your provisions, protection, and wisdom. Help my heart and mind to focus solely on You today.


*Hugs* Happy Friday Eve!

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