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I was lucky enough to snag an interview with Melissa Tagg, author of From the Start.  Be jealous (little j). Just so you don’t become too jealous, I’m going to share our chat with you! I hope you enjoy it. We would love to hear from you, so be sure to leave a comment. Sharing is FABULOUS as well…so click away.



Finally, I have the chance to chat with you a bit. I’m excited! I think I first discovered you through Rachel Hauck. How do you know Rachel? 

I had the fun of meeting Rachel through My Book Therapy, a craft and coaching community for writers founded by Susan May Warren. MBT is a HUGE part of the reason I’m published today and both Rachel and Susie are some of the most amazing teachers, writers and women I know. I hugely look up to both of them. I’m like an eager golden retriever who just wants to follow them around…  🙂 

One of our first interactions was on Twitter. You were talking about giving up coffee or caffeine in general. (gasp) That was some time ago. Is that still a “thing” for you? And, if so, um, WHY?

Haha wellll…I tend to go through phases with my caffeine intake. So I think when we first connected, yes, I gave it up…for like three days! But it’s funny you should ask this now of all times because just a few days ago I decided to quit pop cold turkey. Not for long…probably just a few weeks. This time it’s not so much that I’m trying to get away from caffeine as I am trying drink water…’cause, you know, I hear that’s a good thing to do.


I have a favorite quote of yours. It’s not from a book, but from a blog you wrote. You said, “Have you ever had a dream go a little beige on you? Something once all sparkly and rainbow-like that somehow lost its color? And you worried it might be gone forever?” I read that and thought, “What a perfect word-picture of how so many of us feel when life “happens””. What advice do you have for women who find themselves in that beige place right now? 

I’m glad you like that quote and yeah, I think it’s something that hits women in all kinds of circumstances or callings—not just writers. We all sort of have pictures in our head of what life should look like…and when it suddenly doesn’t look like that, everything does just get bland and beige.

One of my biggest pieces of advice: Don’t listen to everyone’s advice. LOL! But seriously, sometimes when you’re in a blah season, well-meaning people want to give you fixes. Get more rest, they’ll say. Do a new Bible study. Exercise. Listen to good music. It’s all wonderful advice, yes. But it’s not always about what we do…but about what God does. And it can be very frustrating to try to do everything right and still wonder why nothing’s changing. Sometimes I think God just has his own time for working on our hearts…and the best thing we can do is wait and trust and cut ourselves a little slack.

All that said, when I was at my beigest last year, two amazing books really helped: Jesus Is Better Than You Imagined by Jonathan Merritt and Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs.

I read your blog on your top ten classic rom-coms. I was happy to see Cary Grant in there because he is just dreamy.  You didn’t have any Doris Day/Cary Grant or Doris Day/Rock Hudson flicks listed. Why??? (I’m just curious). 

Oh, I do LOVE Doris Day movies. I’m more of a 1930s and 40s girl when it comes to classics—to me they’re just the wittiest and best—so that’s probably by no Doris Day films made the list. But I do love hers. One of my favorites with her is Send Me No Flowers. That’s the one where Rock Hudson is a hypochondriac and thinks he’s dying and goes searching for a new husband for Doris for after he’s dead. Tony Randall is a riot in that one!

What about more modern day rom-coms? I love You’ve Got Mail (although it’s about old enough to be a classic now, I guess) and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Do you have any more current favorites?

Confession: I’m pretty much the most picky person in the world when it comes to current rom-coms. Almost annoyingly so. But I do really enjoy the two you mentioned. My other current-ish favorites are Dan in Real Life (looooove!) and Decoy Bride, which is this random small film with David Tennant and Kelly Macdonald. I thought it was going to be ridiculous, but the humor was just right for me…and the setting was gorgeous. It was quirky and off-beat. 

You have an awesome sense of humor. You always make me giggle whether I’m reading one of your books or a blog. Did your friends and family find you funny as you were growing up? Do you find your personality is the same now as when you were younger or has it developed into something completely different? 

Oh yay for getting share laughs with friends! You know, I don’t know if people would’ve at all said I was funny growing up. I was actually a pretty reserved kid much of the time. I was a total bookworm.   

I do think in high school my funny side came out more. I remember taking a college prep class my senior year of high school and we had to give this speech about our future career. I tried to write something ultra serious but got bored with my own speech. So for the fun of it, instead I started out my speech talking about my plans to become a journalist…and halfway through revealed my plans to become Superman. I took off my top shirt to reveal a Superman shirt underneath, actually got up on a chair and jumped off like I was attempting to fly. Basically I made an idiot of myself—but all day I had people coming up to me saying they’d heard about that speech. I think that might’ve been when my love for making people laugh was born.

Okay. Some quick questions:

Movie out or at home?

Ooh, hard one! I do love going to movies, but I’m also a huge fan of being in my pajamas while watching movies…so we’ll go with at home.

Heels or flats?

Flats forever and always!

Pizza or Chinese?

This might literally be the hardest question ever because I’m fairly sure I could live forever off both. But, hmm, I’ll go with pizza. It’s just classic.  

Facebook or Twitter?

Instagram! Oh, that’s cheating. 🙂 Facebook, definitely. Twitter is fun, but Facebook is more relational.

Cake or cookies?

Does ice cream cake count as cake? If so, cake. If not, cookies all the way.

Make-up or natural?

I wish I was one of those girls who could say natural but I really don’t like scaring people. So at least a dab of makeup.

Pj’s or t-shirt?

Both!! I would wear flannel pajama pants and a t-shirt every day of the year if I could.

Beach or mountains? 

I want it all! But if I HAD to choose, probably mountains. Preferably the Blue Ridge Mountains…and within driving distance of the coast. 🙂 

Melissa, Thank you again for visiting with me!

You can find Melissa on:


Twitter– @Melissa_Tagg



For a list of her books please check out her web page:

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