When Christians are Jerks


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Crepes? Pancakes? Maybe a shake? What was I going to have this time? My eyes traveled over the familiar menu. It seemed like nearly every week after church my boyfriend’s parents took us out to eat at the same restaurant. I loved it because it meant an extra hour or two that I got to be with my guy. ❤

As we all sat at our table that particular night, our ears tuned in to the conversation taking place a few tables over. There was a large group of people who had obviously come from church as well. The people were being rude and bossy to their server. She couldn’t seem to please them and they were running her ragged.

We had a different server who did a fine job. But, as we ate, we continued to notice the other table. Because, well, they were loud. They finally finished their meal, stood up and left. Once they were gone, their server went to clear the table and retrieve her tip.

Tears filled her eyes.

They had left her an insulting tip.

My boyfriend’s dad stood and walked over to her. He spoke to her in quiet tones, but I still heard what he said, “I want you to know that not all Christians are like that. I’m sorry for the way they treated you.” As he spoke, he was reaching into his pocket. He pulled out his wallet and handed her a generous tip.

More tears. This time though, they were tears of gratitude.

My boyfriend’s dad is now my father-in-law. I was probably fifteen years old at the time and I have never forgotten that incident. I’m guessing that waitress never forgot either. Hopefully, what he did that day made more of impression on her than what her actual customers did.

Christianity is not just a religion. Christianity is not reciting scripture or knowing what’s right and wrong. Christianity is DOING. It’s SHOWING. It’s LOVING people.

My father-in-law now has dementia. But as recently as Christmas I heard him pray an articulate beautiful prayer. Jesus is still IN him. Many times over I watched him live out his faith in DOING for others.

I’m sure some of you reading this know my father-in-law and could share story after story of how he lived out his faith by DOING and GIVING.

If you are a Christian, remember, people are watching you. Do you pray before your meal at a restaurant and then mistreat your server during your meal, or leave them a lousy tip? What kind of witness have you just given?  Do you call a business in anger and scream at the person on the other end? Is that going to lead that person to Christ? How about at the store? Do you get angry in the aisle as you wait for someone to get out of your way because you are in a hurry to get home after church? (We won’t even talk about driving habits.)

If you are not a Christian, remember, Christians are HUMAN and make mistakes. And, just because one Christian is (for lack of a better word) a jerk, that does not mean that all of them are.

If you have an instance to share where someone showed Christ’s love to you in an unexpected way I would love to hear about it!



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