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The Peace in Icky and Ouch


I love music. Love.

I could listen to music from the time I get up until I go to bed. Crooners, R&B, Gospel, Hip hop, Rock, Alternative…I love it. I gotta tell you-a does of Hip hop works better to wake me up than a cup of coffee does. Seriously. It just gets my blood flowing.

The problem with some of the music I like? The lyrics. They can be trashy. REALLY trashy.I have been willing to ignore that fact because of my love for the beat. The. Beat. The pounding. The grooving. It makes me feel alive. (just being honest here).

But, as I’ve grown closer to the Lord, He has been talking to me about the lyrics. In all honesty, I haven’t wanted to hear what He’s had to say.

I told him, “This is the only “bad” thing I do and it isn’t that bad. I really love the music.”

Pause. “More than Me?”

OUCH. “No. Of course not.” 

“But you aren’t willing to give it up for Me.”

How many of you know that God is always right? There is no arguing with God.

 “You are not to serve any other gods before Me.” Exodus 20:3 (VOICE)

Wait. I’m not putting any other gods before God. Right? I believe that Jesus is the true living God. I don’t believe in other gods. Or, does Exodus 20:3 mean anything that I place in a more important spot in my heart than God? I mean. I haven’t been willing to give it up. Hmmmm.

Is it possible that music has become a “god” to me? What else could become “gods” in our lives? Food? The news? The internet? Television? Video games? Sports? …

I’ve decided to give up some of the music I listen to. (I’m not saying ALL secular music is bad, so you don’t need to write me. 😉 ) It is something I have personally allowed into my  life that has become a problem for me. You know what? It’s painful. I don’t like it. I miss it. I’m not happy about it. But, I have peace.

Living for Christ is not always easy. Sometimes it’s HARD WORK. (those two words are icky, right?) But, the pay off is huge. Think of an athlete. Is training always easy or fun? No! But, only through dedication and perseverance does an athlete become a winner. It’s the same for you and me in our walk with Jesus.

Is there something in your life that God has been talking to you about? Don’t push Him away. He always speaks to us out of love for our own benefit. Trust Him to know the best path and plan for your life.

Well, I’m off to discover some good Christian artists. Any suggestions?

Love you guys. ❤



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